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Since inception, PayrAdvisors has been fortunate to recruit some of the best negotiators in the industry to help our clients manage their complex negotiations and payer relationships.  We have executives from large academic health systems who are comfortable negotiating all contract types to analysts, arbitrators and legal counsel well versed in all ends of managed care contracting & network relations.  We pride ourselves in delivering high quality work in a fast-pace manner at an affordable cost for our clients.

Hospital & Health Systems

We have negotiators with extensive experience building managed care departments and negotiating hospital based agreements including but not limited to specialists, hospital outpatient departments, ambulatory care centers & all in-patient services.  Our team is comfortable consulting on small to large projects and well versed in all payment methodologies that are growing amongst the trends in managed care. With the rapidly changing legislation on hospital based requirements our team is apprised of the latest trends in managed care regulatory requirements, legal statutes and health plan requirements to ensure your health system is maintaining compliance with all local and federal agency requirements.  Beyond contract, we work with health systems on arbitration of out-of-network claims, settle under and over payment disputes and put forth a strategy to ensure long range success with all health plans.   

Private Equity & Capital Firms

Does your private equity group manage small to large portfolio companies?  Often times during diligence and post acquisition, managed care is identified as a significant area of need.  Often times the company you are acquiring has lost their contracts, missing fee schedules or never even negotiated their agreements – we have seen it all.  Recruiting a managed care department internally can be a daunting task, we help PE firms across the US manage the contracting of their portfolio companies, lift top line revenues & grow valuation without the costly add of building internal teams to manage these tasks.

Physician Groups & Ancillary Facilities

Whether you are a rapidly growing group of care providers or a collection of ambulatory facility centers, we help you manage payer agreements, analyze managed care revenues, negotiate existing agreements and leverage our relationships with health plans to grow your in-network panel of accepted health plans.  With our negotiating expertise, we take the stress of managing these on your own and provide you a rapid approach to scale & grow your business without the need to hire costly negotiators and managed care personnel internally.

Executive Relationships

We have over 5,000 payer relationships including many C-suite connections to get the best results

Market Intelligence

We have signed over 40,000 payer contracts across all 50 states and understand what market rates can be achieved by specialty

Faster Results

Our experience and connections allow us to leverage faster results that puts more money back into your practice