Ambulatory Infusion Centers

We are leading experts in the Infusion Industry!

Our firm represents numerous ambulatory and free standing infusion clinics across the US enhance their payer relationships and negotiate better contracts!

How does an engagement with PayrAdvisors help us?

  • Access to in depth detail and knowledge of the drug market, acquisition costs and reimbursement from both commercial and governmental agencies – understanding what true market rates are!
  • Leverage our strong relationships with commercial payers and managed government plans in all 50 states to negotiate better contracts
  • Act as a liaison between health plans and clients to formulate a winning strategy that includes a combination of reimbursement, site of care strategy, volume and growth initiatives!

Our comprehensive strategy for Infusion Providers

Achieve value, strength and market stability!

  • Guide clients through the contracting and strategy process to develop a game plan that drives significant value to providers and share holders
  • Drive commercial payer rates away from ASP + 6% to a rate commensurate with market value
  • Analyze billing data and market share to leverage providers within markets to compete against more  costly sites of care, present value to payers while getting paid rates that allow for growth and viability within the market
  • Help providers make informed decisions about acquisitions and de novo growth plans providing invaluable market knowledge as consultants


Resulting In

  • Better reimbursement, long-term sustainability
  • Enhanced ability to invest more into clinical operations
  • Improve baseline EBITDA for struggling practices
  • Drive better financial performance and increase equity value for shareholders

Core Capabilities for Infusion Centers

  • AIC and HIT Payer Negotiations
  • Credentialing & Payer Enrollment Services
  • Drug Pricing & Economics
  • Diligence & Acquisition Surveys
  • Pricing & Benchmarks
  • Procurement Negotiation & Strategy