Payer Contract Negotiations

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Quick facts about our Contract Negotiation Services


  • Over 6,000 payer contracts negotiated
  • 9-figure in revenue lift for clients since 2020
  • 100% success record in lifting payer rates!
  • 99% client retention
Payer Contract Negotiations for Managed Care and Insurance Payer Growth

The problem facing
medical groups & hospitals!


Declining Reimbursement, Rising Costs




  • Haven’t touched their payer contracts in years
  • Missing the payer contracts and or fee schedules
  • No clear strategy on when or how to approach payers
  • Lack confidence or resources to fight payers for increases
Contract negotiations for businesses dealing with financial crisis

Payer Contracting Negotiations are Critical!


In order to combat rising overhead, providers must re-evaluate their longstanding relationships with payers



  • Payer generated revenue is the largest source of income for most practices
  • Contracts must be negotiated every 1-2 years!
  • Understand your market, your key differentiators and what sets you apart
  • Work with seasoned experts who have connections & relationships to help!
Payer contracting negotiations with managed care and insurance payers

Should we hire someone to negotiate or work with a consultant?


Depends on the situation!


Certain scenarios it makes sense to hire internally, in others – it makes sense to outsource!

  • Private Equity backed companies with rapid fire growth over 2-3 year period is prime for a consulting engagement
    • Bandwidth constraints during periods of growth
    • challenges with hiring and training a very unique skill set
    • Consulting engagements can add back to the P&L, driving better valuation for shareholders!
  • Medium to small physician groups
    • cost prohibitive to hire and retain FT person to manage
    • risk of underperformance with 1-employee
    • skillsets needed are more than just negotiating and usually require 2-3 people to manage
  • Hospitals & Health Systems
    • periods of payer review are episodic in nature
managed care contracting and payer negotiations

Why clients choose to work with us!


Friendly, experienced team that has a track record of delivering results


We have one common goal, to ensure our clients negotiate better deals with payers!


  • Friendly, US based team with decades of experience
  • Cost-effective, affordable payer strategy
  • Deep relationships with payer executives across all 50 states
  • Significant knowledge of all provider and contracting types
  • Extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with
Partnership for managed care contracting and payer negotiations