Data Intelligence

Managing negotiations with Comparative Analytics!


Our firm has access to competitive market data that helps our clients align a better payer strategy


What is the importance of using and leveraging market data?


  • Help understand your market position- ability to pull claims data by zip
  • Understanding allowed rates by payers, by product, by quartile
  • Encompassing payer benchmark rates with negotiations
  • We work with top data vendors to generate reports that help the negotiation process
Provider Network Development - Managing Negotiations with Comparative Analytics

Incorporating data intelligence into your negotiation process


We use data analytics and intelligence to guide clients on complex decisions and high-stakes negotiations


Data purchasing is very expensive, is it useful?

In many instances, YES – the data is useful to help make informed decisions regarding strategy with payers across markets.  It helps you understand how you stack up against competition, if you can terminate your contracts and leverage payers to the table to markedly increase rates.

  • Payers rely on providers lacking data intelligence
  • Providers don’t understand their competition and rarely their market powers
  • Even smaller providers have leverage, if they are the cost-effective provider in the region
Provider Network Development for Incorporating Data Intelligence into your Negotiation Process