Want to learn more about our efforts? The sectors we work with includes Private Equity Groups, hospitals & health systems, physician groups, and ancillary facilities.

Private Equity Groups

Partnership with Private Equity Portfolio companies is key for maximizing the return on investment of consulting partnerships. With Managed Care Consulting, expenses fall under the non-recurring portion of the liabilities on a balance sheet allowing the portfolio companies to add back expenses during the valuation of the organization.

As most organizations are sold on a multiple of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). Using our services as a method to increase EBITDA at the sale of the organization is crucial to ensure the equity partners are maximizing their ROI.

We work with PE Groups all across the country to scale and operationalize managed care departments or fully outsource all payer contracting activities to ensure your portfolio companies are performing at their best.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Hospitals are in a unique pressure system today – with mounting labor costs, reducing reimbursement and threatening pressure from outside competitors to reduce volume and increase competition has forced hospitals to re-evaluate their managed care strategy. We partner with hospitals and health systems to create value in re-negotiating and prioritizing a managed care strategy that keeps health systems competitive and operating in the black.

While many outside consulting firms have historically helped health systems gain better insights into data, strategy, finance, managed care diligence, etc. the cost associated with these big firms amidst today’s market has significantly reduce the ROI to these institutions. Partnering with cost effective, and even risk sharing consulting practices is critical to maintaining the health in health systems!

Physician Groups

Through rapid growth and expansions, physician groups can easily lose sight of the market rates or even lose their old contracts. We help practices align on market reimbursement, achieve rate parity and establish a process and procedure that will allow their managed care agreements to work for them.

We partner with physician groups from basic re-negotiation to full outsource managed care department capabilities encouraging growth, market competitiveness and driving up valuation.

Ambulatory Infusion Centers

Subject to many competitive threats, ancillary facilities from surgical to outpatient infusion centers – must formulate a strategy to drive value and sustain profitability. Payers often put the pressure on these non-hospital facilities far below health systems as a method to reduce their costs but we work to ensure that method does not result in financial instability for our clients. We have improved hundreds of ancillary and facility agreements.