Private Equity & Venture Capital

Why Private Equity firms choose us!

Cost, performance & equity value

The importance of using consultants for private equity backed portfolio companies

  • Ability to size and scale quickly with your portfolio companies
  • Act as partner through diligence process of both organic and inorganic growth – guide clients on strategy and avoid pitfalls
  • All payer contract increases fall straight to EBITDA which impacts sale valuations
  • Expenses add back at the exit of the company further increasing equity value for shareholders

The types of Private Equity solutions

Our engagements for PE firms are critical to their growth cycle

  • Diligence of prospective and existing portfolio companies – evaluate their performance
  • Negotiation strategy that drives significant increases to baseline EBITDA
  • Comprehensive data analytics & finance dashboards
  • Credentialing & Enrollment for clinical providers that drive efficiency and accuracy
  • Experienced team of dispute resolution and arbitration experts to defend contracts


Resulting In

  • Better and faster results helping PE portfolio companies meet targets
  • Yield higher valuations & higher returns to equity partners
  • Reduced clinical burn out and increased retention and engagement