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From primary source verification to management of CAQH and other healthcare profiles – our dedicated team of experts have the skills and expertise to keep your practice & organization compliant and up to date with federal, state and payer policies! Payr Advisors ensures accuracy at a minimal cost to empower your practice and take away worry. 

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Our company will build a tailored solution to fit your needs. We understand each practice is widely different, no custom solution is too much for us. Whether is it submitting a handful of applications to outsourcing and managing the entire process – our team will have you covered! 

Our Costs

Our costs are designed and aligned to ensure long term success of our clients.  Whether it is a small ad hock project or a full service out sourced platform – we will create a cost effective solution tailored to your needs! Payr Advisors focuses on ROI and align our prices with your top-line revenue. A budget win for you is top priority for us. 


Cheaper compared to major competitors

Durango Infusion, LLC

“A decade ago I began a multi specialty practice. Through the years I have used a variety of contractingservices. Never before  have I worked with someone so efficient, attentive, insightful, and effective as PayrAdvisors. Hands-down I would recommend them to anyone. They are worth having on your team.”

Dr. Moss Fenberg, MD – President & CEO

ENT Physicians of North Mississippi

“Sam and his team have been transformational to our practice. They successfully negotiated all of our
major contracts far beyond what had been done by other preceding counsel and anything we could have
envisioned. They are truly a remarkable team who I could not recommend more highly”.

Dr. Matthew Stevens, MD – President & CEO

Regeneration Psychiatry

“PayrAdvisors has been an important partner for our group practice. Their team’s expertise and guidance
have helped us negotiate good contracts that we would not have been able to achieve on our own and
that have allowed us to pursue our mission to provide high-quality, accessible mental health care to our

Dr. Jobert Poblete, MD – Partner

FlexCare Infusion Centers

We have had a great experience working with PayrAdvisors. Having worked with three other companies for contracting/contract negotiations in the past, PayrAdvisors is the first who truly understand our industry and how to successfully negotiate with payers.  We have seen a 10x ROI in under a year.”

Callie Turk, Chief Operating Officer

Cancer Care Northwest

“Samuel and his team partnered with us as we began updating our payor contracts. PayrAdvisors spent time on the front end of the project to learn goals and the personality of our group. We have been impressed with their knowledge of Oncology and thorough analysis of our contracts and proposed contracts. We are pleased with their ability to help us get our contracts updated and further solidify our partnership with the payors in our region.”

Rod Emerson – CEO

Urgent Team

“We engaged Sam and his team to help us navigate an increasingly complex and contentious environment negotiating contracts with payers. I was familiar with Sam through a separate company where I serve on the board, and was aware of the value Sam brings to payer negotiations. PayrAdvisors quickly became an extension of our team. They provided valuable strategic and tactical advise as well as technical contract review. PayrAdvisors is a valuable partner for any healthcare services company that is facing flat rate increases in an environment with tremendous inflationary pressures”.

Rudy Blank – CFO

BASS Autism

“PayrAdvisors succeeded where others have failed. Through the very hard work of Trystan King and Samuel Barnes, Bass ABA Therapy was able to successfully renegotiate our major payor contracts. They always communicated back to us in a very timely manner. These guys are very professional and courteous with the insurance payors. They preserved our long-term relationship with our payors but still achieved excellent results.”

Dave Morell – CEO

BrookWell Infusion, LLC

“Having the right payor relationship development and contracting strategy is critical to the success of any provider group. PayrAdvisors came along at just the right time for our group. Sam Barnes and his colleagues are highly connected with decision-makers from key payors and have an exceptionally strong and positive approach to payor negotiations. They also provide valuable counsel on developing an overall payor strategy, and work with some of the largest healthcare groups and system in the nation. I heartily recommend PayrAdvisors to any healthcare group looking to improve their payor relationships and contracts.”

Joseph Huntsman – Founding Partner

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We understand the unique challenges that providers and their staff face, which is why we are dedicated to offering exceptional services tailored to your individual needs.

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